Virtual Number 

Virtual number

A virtual number is no more than a regular land number or fixed land line, but with many more advantages.
Virtual numbers are contracted online and without many requirements as they are usually requested in traditional companies, in addition they are usually operative between 30 minutes to 3 hours (during business hours), the contracted virtual number is diverted to your normal cell phone or fixed Depending on your need.
More than one virtual number can be contracted if desired and we have availability in more than 60 countries and hundreds of cities around the world.

Possible uses of a virtual number

There are many possible uses among others we can list:

Professionals or technicians who want to have presence in other cities of their own country.
Travelers who fly to other countries and want to avoid expensive roaming.
Companies or professionals who want to have an international presence with a number in different countries and be able to be attended in their own country.
Autonomous who want to give a better image to their customers by offering a fixed number instead of their own mobile.
Small companies that do not want to have a secretariat that takes care of the telephone in the office and also hire a virtual switchboard.

How do I manage my virtual number?

Very easy, everything is done from our website, you sign up from our website, contract the services online through our platform of secure payment by card, Paypal or bank transfer.
Then once hired you will have a user and password that will allow you to access at all times the data of your contract, from the payments made, your personal data, calls received, available balance, etc.

Select the country for your virtual number

What are you waiting for! , Now select the country that you want your virtual number and begins to have telephone presence.
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