What is a virtual number?

How does it work?

A virtual number is a fixed line for receiving calls like the one you can have with your traditional telephone company but with many more advantages such as answering the calls wherever you are to change the diversion of those calls to different numbers, hire a virtual exchange , You do not have permanence, there are no costs for discharge nor penalties, and much more.

Frequent questions

What do you offer?

YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER gives you a fixed number of more than 60 countries ( "YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER") that your friends, clients and contacts in that country can call you at the national call price. You can associate YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER to your foreign or local telephone, so they make a call to a fixed of YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER and you receive it in your foreign number (or local number).

Can I only receive the call on a number by phone?

Basic service yes. However we also offer the possibility of using our Virtual PBX service. This service allows you to receive calls on IP phones, softphones, other IP operators, etc., and offer you much more flexibility. Learn more about virtual PBX.

Do I have to pay anything?

Yes, there is something to pay, but not much. Every time someone calls you to your fixed number of YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER and we send it to your phone abroad (or local), you will pay the international (or local) part, but with our super-reduced rates.

How do you hire?

You sign up online. To get your fixed number in YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER you must follow this process:

  1. Choose the virtual number of the country you need.
  2. Add your mobile or landline where you want to answer calls.
  3. Select the province or state (local area code) you need.
  4. Choose the type of service you need fixed on the mobile or virtual PBX.
  5. Select the months of hiring (the more months the discounts are)
  6. Add that virtual landline to the shopping cart.
  7. Now you have to load balance for the call fowarding, you can choose 5 or 10 euros (if you want to preload more press one of the two preload buttons again). You can use our fowarding calculator to know how much the minute you receive calls will cost you.
  8. Check your shopping cart and if it is correct give it to pay now !.
  9. It will take you to the payment platform where you must register and enter your personal information.
  10. Choose the desired form of payment and once paid the process of registration is completed.

I still do not understand why I have to pay for receiving calls

Too easy. The operator of each country charges to receive a call from abroad on their phones, and someone has to pay for this service. Within a country this is not noticed because the caller pays more expensive and then the operators arrange their accounts, but internationally this is not done, hence you have to pay to receive a call.

How much does the call establishment cost?

Nothing. We have no call set up. If you have 12,000 seconds of incoming calls, you will speak 12,000 seconds.

Where can I get the call?

On any existing phone in the world that has a number assigned. Either on your mobile from Australia or your fixed from France... In addition, thanks to the Virtual Office, you can receive calls on your IP phone, softphones, etc ... If you need this option please contact us before hiring.

Is there any minimum length of stay?

No. The minimum time is until the end of the month (if you contract monthly). That is, if you subscribe on July 25, you will have YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER until October 24 at a fixed price. Once that day is reached, the account is automatically canceled, unless you decide to renew it for that you must do it before the expiration and you must go to your client panel and preload balance and proceed to make the corresponding payment, then your order will be Will renew. Keep in mind that if you contract a month the price is higher than if you do it for example quarterly, but these offers are for new customers, if you start monthly you will not be able to move to a quarterly or annual plan (with the advantages of lower prices) .

How can I unsubscribe?

You do not have to do anything else when the expiration date of YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER arrives. Of course, unless you renew your subscription before the expected renewal date, you will lose your fixed number and will be assigned a different one when you re-register.

Is there any additional charge for discharging me?

No, for the fixed of Spain and most of the fixed of other countries there is no additional surcharge for registering a number.

Why do I have to pay to get calls?

You can give your foreign number to anyone who wants to call you and you will receive free calls (in countries where receiving calls is free, because even if you do not believe it, there are places where you also pay to receive a call on your cell phone) , But that person will have to pay an international fee to call you.
If you want to make life easier, you can give him your VIRTUAL NUMBER, which being a fixed Spanish number, it will surely cost you nothing. But somebody has to pay the international tranche, and that has to be you.

Do you offer 902 (toll-free) numbers?

We have 902 numbers.
If you choose a 900 number from your Spanish VIRTUAL NUMBER 902, the caller will pay the usual rates to a number 902, which can be quite high if you call from a mobile, but lower when you call From a conventional fixed. One of the advantages of the numbers 902 is that it is independent of your state and offers a more professional service of your company.
This type of numbers usually have a charge for discharge, consult each case.

How much does it cost people calling me?

It costs the same as making a call to a local fixed number (except if you have chosen a 900/901/902), normally included in the flat rate from another fixed, but it really depends on the contracted rate of the people who call you.

Do callers also pay while the phone rings?

Although this question sounds strange, the answer is yes. Being a call forwarding service we must pick up the call before forwarding it, so the call will start to count for the caller for as long as the phone rings. To you, on the contrary, it will only tell you the time you are talking, rounded to the second, not the time that is ringing. This is important if you make calls from abroad in roaming to verify that it works, because you will be charged for calls.

From which countries do you offer numbering?

We offer numbering of more than 60 countries (see list of international virtual numbers).

When can I start receiving calls?

After registering and making the payment we will assign YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER that we will immediately assign to your foreign or local number if you want to have added in the purchase process. And you can receive calls immediately. Generally the activation process is done ne minutes (weekdays), weekends can be delayed until Monday but that depends on each case. Just do not forget to give it to your friends, clients and family.

Do I need to install something on my computer or on my phone?

You do not need to install anything on your phone or computer to receive calls from YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER.

Do I need to have data rates on my foreign phone?

No, you do not need her at all. Our system does not use internet.

Do I need a Smartphone?

No, you can use any phone, both mobile and landline.

Can I receive calls to my mobile number on my foreign phone?

Yes you can, so you will not need to have your cell phone in your country on at all. Imagine that you travel abroad for business, work or just go on vacation and want to continue receiving calls to your mobile, then what you have to do is before leaving the trip divert calls from your Spanish mobile number to YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER using the following code that you must do on your mobile:
** 21 * [NUMBER YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER] # (consult each operator if necessary)
Whenever someone calls you on the mobile, The call will be diverted to YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER and you will receive it in the foreign telephone that you have indicated. And what do you pay? As you will have to pay for the call of your mobile from your country to your virtual number. Compare it with roaming charges of up to € 3 (yes, euros, no cents) the minute!

Can I choose my number?

No, you can not, just as you normally can not choose the number offered by your traditional company.

Can I also make calls from abroad?

At the moment we do not offer this service, but we are working for it.

How can I contact you?

You can write to contacto@tunumerovirtual.com, as well as on our Facebook or Twitter page.

I am not a company and I want to use it to talk with family and friends and I already use Skype, what do I need you for?

We also use Skype. But the difference is that to use skype you need internet on your mobile and if you do not have to stay with the other person in a day and time to speak which is not very practical. We are complementary to Skype. If you think you do not need to make calls to your friends, family and other contacts in Spain, do not hire us. But if you've ever stopped receiving a call because people think of it before calling your foreign mobile, then maybe we could be useful.

I'm going abroad for 15 days ... Can I use you?

Of course you can. Get your VIRTUAL NUMBER for one month and buy a prepaid SIM in the country you are going to visit. When you arrive, you can configure your VIRTUAL NUMBER number to receive the calls on the phone that you just purchased in the destination country. Now it's very easy: give your VIRTUAL NUMBER to your friends and family and call them. Even more, you can divert your Spanish phone to the VIRTUAL NUMBER so you do not miss a call. You will save yourself an outrage compared to what you would pay for roaming (remember prices of € 3 per minute for receiving calls outside the European Union).

What if I'm going to do a Southeast Asian tour?

As well as enjoying the beautiful, you can always be reachable through your TU NUMERO VIRTUAL number. In fact, for this option you should hire a virtual switchboard so you will have more flexibility when changing your country and desim, in YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER with switch you can change the number in which to receive the calls of your virtual number, and instantly. When you get tired of Thailand and move to Cambodia, you buy a prepaid SIM there and set up your virtual number to receive calls on the Cambodian mobile, easy, huh?
Can I use my mobile to put a SIM card Of foreign prepaid?
Yes it is released. Your operator has the obligation to release your mobile. Call him to do it, although I'm sure you'll find many ways to free him.
If you can not unlock your latest model phone, you can certainly release some old phones that you have around the house. Use this with the prepaid SIM and get the calls here.
Ya, but ... can I know who is calling me to decide whether to pick up the phone or not?
Usually yes. This is one of the great advantages of YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER. Our telephone service can transmit the information of the incoming call (whenever it is a direct call to your NUMBER YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER) so if you have the number on your phone that is calling you, you can see it on your phone. So you can decide whether to pick up the phone in the situation in which you are J. However, in some destinations we may not show the calling number, since the destination mobile operator restricts this functionality.

What if I need more credit?

If you need more credit, add it at any time. The additional credit expires only if you leave and from the year since the low, so you can keep it from month to month.

I do not understand why my subscription credit has expired

It considers that the maintenance of YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER is 8 € per month (depending on the country, number of months contracted, if you have PBX, etc). Each month it expires and you have to pay it by pre-loading or by automatic subscription with Paypal.

If you already have the subscription service, what do you offer the prepaid?

For two reasons, one is that you need to preload so that we can make the calls to your mobile or fixed calls, and also if you opt for the subscription the problem with the subscription is that it requires having a Paypal account. Many of you have complained about this, so we have created the new product where only a credit card is needed.

Why is there a prepaid number maintenance fee?

Because we also have money to keep the numbers. If you do not use it we have to charge something for the service. Let's say it is similar to what the traditional company charges you but much cheaper.

Can your VIRTUAL NUMBER change the number unilaterally?

No, as long as you keep the subscription, you will keep your VIRTUAL NUMBER number. You can use it in your website, in business cards, etc ...

When do you remove your VIRTUAL NUMBER number?

Once the subscription is canceled, YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER will be withdrawn 10 days after the renewal attempt date. During those 10 days you can renew the subscription and you will keep the same number.
More than 10 days ago that I canceled and it seems that I have still assigned the same number YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER
It may be ... is that at the moment we are very And we want you to come back. But this will not be the normal situation.

Can I then change the number to another provider if the service in a year or two does not satisfy me?

If you want to carry YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER you can do it. This service may have some cost depending on the virtual number hired. Your new operator will have to request portability. You must keep the number with us until the portability is completed.

Can I carry a number outside your VIRTUAL NUMBER?

Yes you can, before hiring the service please send us an email to confirm that we can do it.

I'm going abroad but I do not have a new number yet. What do I do?

You can buy YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER and associate it with your Spanish number. When you have bought a new SIM, send us your new number to change the destination number.

I'm going abroad, can I associate your VIRTUAL NUMBER number with my usual cell phone?

Yes you can, but it does not make much sense to use it because you will pay roaming on your mobile anyway. You must buy a mobile phone in your destination country if you want to save yourself paying roaming and divert the call to your VIRTUAL NUMBER number. Look at this diversion you have to do in your home country because otherwise they may charge you the same roaming.

How many times can I change my destination number? Does it cost anything extra? Is change immediate?

You can change your destination as many times as you want whenever you hire the virtual PBX. The change is immediate and costs nothing. 

Where can I change my destination?

From the web, in your personal space. The change is immediate. If you have any other suggestions on how you would like to make this change we are all ears.

How do test numbers work?

The test numbers we have introduced so you can try YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER without having to pay anything. To request a VIRTUAL NUMBER NUMBER you only have to enter your contact details after registering and ask for it. In addition to the number we will give you the first 50 cents of balance for the first calls. The number assigned will last 2 full days, and during this time you can either contract the prepaid or subscription service and keep the number that we have assigned, as well as the remaining balance.

I have an other question

Write to contacto@tunumerovirtual.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.