Virtual phone

What is a virtual phone?

A virtual phone is a virtual landline line that behaves just like a traditional Movistar or Telefónica line but with an endless number of additional advantages when compared to these.
Your call can be received on any existing phone in the world that has a number assigned. Both in your mobile in Spain and in your fixed in France ...
In addition, if you hire a Virtual Switchboard, if you want you can receive calls on your IP phone, softphones, etc ...

After registering and making the payment we will assign YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER that we will immediately assign to your foreign or local number if you want to have added in the purchase process. And you can receive calls immediately. In general the activation process is done in minutes (weekdays), weekends can be delayed until Monday but that depends on each case. Just do not forget to give it to your friends, clients and family.

Price of a virtual phone

One of these advantages is the price while with these you pay more than € 20 per month of line maintenance, with YOUR VIRTUAL NUMBER you only pay € 8. A very important economic difference.

Calling people costs you the same as making a call to a local fixed number (except if you have chosen a 900/901/902), normally included in the flat rate from another fixed, but actually depends on the contracted rate of the People who call you.

There are no charges for registration, for the fixed of Spain and most of the fixed of other countries there is no additional charge for registering a number. (Except toll-free)