Fixed on mobile

Hire a virtual number on and when they call that fixed you will answer those calls on your mobile. For that you do not need to buy any equipment in particular, not even have internet on your mobile. Your clients, friends or relatives will think that you are in that city or that you are a company based in that city when you can actually take care of your calls from the beach, the Caribbean or a cafe.

Fixed service costs in the mobile

The cost that you will have is the monthly price that we have published that varies depending on the country, for example for Spain is 8 € fixed monthly maintenance of the service and then you pay the diversions of the calls that you make to that fixed and that will sound in your cell phone At a price of x € per minute, depending on which country is the mobile line and which operator.
The caller will not pay anything extra, pay what he usually pays for a call to a traditional landline.

How do you hire a virtual fixed number?

You have to go to the page of all the virtual numbers and select the country where you want to be called. There are numbers from more than 60 countries. What are you waiting for! , Choose yours!