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What is a virtual number of UK?

A virtual number of UK is a normal fixed telephone line like that of any traditional telephone company but with the advantage that the costs of a virtual number are much lower than that of large telecommunications companies, maintaining the quality of hearing Of the service in each communication and with the possibility to divert the calls that make to that virtual number of UK to a mobile or a fixed of any part of the world.

The service charges a monthly fixed price as maintenance fee of the virtual number of UK that varies depending on whether you choose to pay on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Also take into account that the diversion of each communication from the fixed to fixed or mobile is set up, this deviation is charged per minute of communication and you can know it by searching for the country of the mobile or fixed in the calculator of deviations from above .

There is also the possibility of hiring a virtual PBX and managing all your communications by diverting the calls according to a voice menu (the typical one if you want to speak with administration press 1, with sales press 2 ..) each extension can be connected to a mobile or fixed You want. You can see our special section all the options of a virtual PBX.

There are countries that require a physical address in the country of origin of the virtual number, this we will tell you when the service is contracted.

To know more about a virtual number and our service please consult our frequently asked questions.


Advantages of hiring a virtual number

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a virtual number on

  • There is no permanence
  • There is no call setup cost
  • There are no costs for high or low (for virtual fixed numbers)
  • You do not need special equipment, nor internet in your mobile or cellular.
  • We have the best rates on the market.
  • If you contract more than 3 months you receive significant discounts.
  • Excellent communication quality.